a visual story about epiphytes

Text & Photo Nicoline Olsen Concept/Styling Nicoline Olsen/Hanne Vind


We named this story 'badlands' because epiphytes are plants that need nothing from their surroundings. They get all their nutrition from the air. Badlands is a geographic area on a ground with no layer of soil - it is an arid desert, where nothing grows. We liked the contrast between the two natural phenomena, as well as the divergence between the unglazed ceramics and hard industrial materials.

//    Diffrent kinds of epiphytes - small mosses on bark, ferns, bromeliads and fungus.


Diffrent kinds of epiphytes - small mosses on bark, ferns, bromeliads and fungus.

If you feel like your home is a desert where nothing can grow - go for the epiphytes. It is a plant that requires minimal water and care.
— the team behind Appeal Magazine
//    Bromeliad



//     Marble & Epiphyte


Marble & Epiphyte


An epiphyte is an organism that often grows on the surface of a plant. Epiphytes don't need soil, only for support (as seen with one of the most known plants from this family - the orchid). They come in many forms, and lots of them live in the rainforest because they feed on sources, such as fog, dew, rain and mist. But there are also species that put up with far drier environments, and those are perfect as houseplants for people without green fingers.

The epiphyte family covers a vast group of plants including ferns, bromeliads, mosses, fungus and as mentioned orchids and cacti.

//     Fern & Vase - By Lassen


Fern & Vase - By Lassen

//    Concrete & Epiphyte


Concrete & Epiphyte


Take care...

As the plants gather much of their moisture from the air they need to be placed in moderate light and in a room with humidity - the bathroom is ideal. Bromeliad, the drier species of the epiphytes, are grown in well-drained soil or bark. Water the plants in a cup below the plant or use a water spray to mimic the conditions of its natural habitat. Moreover, it is crucial that you don't overwater your epiphytic plants.



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