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Grasses, pine trees, sparse green growths, natural materials, colour drops and simple steel, and you are on your way to creating a little piece of Vietnam in your garden. 

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If you have a small courtyard or garden, allow yourself to think about the ground. Garden pebbles are a natural choice here, combined with small leaf ground covering plants.

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Good landscaping means varying the heights of what you plant to maximise visual interest. In a mostly low-growing plant bed, grasses stand out. Here, a grass provides height and colour contrast.

Pines are often evergreens and allow you to enjoy the garden all year round. Go for small trees and plants in pots and the ones with an elegant structure. 

In this beautiful garden in the centre of Copenhagen, warm wood, cobble stones and lots of grasses such as bamboo and elephant grass create a Vietnamese mood. Pine trees are planted in pots and stand beside an indigenous Nordic tree, the Rowan.


We would love to sit down for a coffee in the natural shadow of the trees.



Making an outdoor kitchen in your garden is easy with this authentic steel kitchen normally used in food stalls in Vietnam. Use it to make wok dishes and as an alternative to barbecuing. 

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A Vietnamese garden needs fragrance. Flowers like jasmine is an ideal choice with its small, delicate, and highly fragrant flowers.  Gardenia is another excellent choice. Placing Gardenias near walkways and patios creates a pleasant scent experience. Their fragrance increases at sunset, and they attract moths and butterflies.  

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Because of their vigorous nature, fruit trees are great, even for small gardens. Cherries and stone fruits don’t need much space and can be cut down to fit into a courtyard. 

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Lanterns in trees create an exotic mood

Outdoor rooms can be as cosy as a corner in the living room. Besides plants and trees, you should incorporate interior elements in your garden. A beautiful large lantern like this one looks great with a bamboo background



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