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Meet fashion designer and shop owner Vicky Fogel. A woman who sees herself as a cross between a modern Pippi Longstocking and a French film noir actor. She loves homely cosiness, only buys art and design, who speaks to her heart and preferably avoids what becomes "a little too perfect". " A home must not be a museum, it must obey life, mood and creativity, and there may be a party and a fuss, for a home is for me a place to be used". She lives with her two children a little north from the centre of Copenhagen in a 210 square meter house from the end of the 19th century.


The large window area in the conservatory faces Vicky's garden, which is planted with old fruit trees and roses.


Vicky Fogel bought the house in 2017. ”It was not love at first sight. Still, there was something that dragged me back to the house several times. Good energy, fine original details all around and the beautiful bright living rooms pulled me in and persuaded me to buy. ” Vicky Fogel tells.

Vicky made the decision, not to renovate everything in the house. Most of the house 's interior, which dates from a renovation in the 1950s, has been retained and Vicky's approach to the restoration has instead been to paint and wallpaper through the house. The plan with the decor has not been to hurry, but instead, take a room at a time. Basically, however, she has had the idea that there should be many colours, wallpaper and different surfaces. And it should be playful and also a little feminine. The stairs, the floor and the kitchen, are like when the family moved in, but the bathroom had to undergo a renovation.

The conservatory is my favourite room, and I think that in the future I will have an office in there. Right now I use the room as a place where I can retreat and retrieve new energy, and then the birds have also moved in. It has always been a great desire to get an aviary.
— Vicky


The conservatory is decorated with wallpaper from Wallpaper Cafe. The bed is an antique from Pjot Antik, and the patchwork blanket is found on Instagram. Also, Instagram is a place where Vicky discovers many unique finds. The radiator cover was in the house and has been allowed to stay, over it hangs a silk screen from Sally Santana. Vicky's favourite book by French designer Anne Valeri Hash and a beautiful vase by Per Neergaard a gift from her father. The lamp is a vintage find, placed on a ceramic table created by the Fie Norsker.

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Wallpaper from Wallpaper Cafe and a large Philodendron in front of the beautiful radiator cover together with Vicky Vogel. Vintage folding chairs from Pjot antique. The aviary is made out of a closet and is from antic dealer Else Schneider. Vicky, however, is looking for a new cast iron.



The living room is kept white. The light flows through the large windows. At one end of the room, Vicky has arranged a cosy corner with a dusty blue velvet corner sofa from Eilersen. The glass table is from the shop Sacre Coeur and the Murano lamp in the corner is purchased via Instagram. The white dome lamp is originally from the old Radio House in Copenhagen. The pink vase is from Hotel Costes in Paris and the yellow ceramic figure "Træmand" (Woodman) is by Fie Norsker. On the wall "Bicycle painting" Anders Brinch "Moonlight Ride" and watercolour by Katrine Ærtebjerg. The large black and white photo collage is by David Dellagi and the two photos in plexiglass purchased at Peter Lau.

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The marble table, which stands in the middle of the large living room and which is currently used for both office and afternoon tea, has Vicky designed herself. At the back is a closet of an unknown designer in wicker and wood bought at On the wall is a pencil drawing of Fie Norsker. On the table a vintage lamp, a small pink vase from Stilleben, a white sculptural vase from Ann Linnemann Gallery, plastic doll and dino are flea fund, and the same is the lavender coloured dish. Glass container from Helle Mardal and ceramic figure from Christine Schou Christensen (Ann Linnemann Gallery).


What inspires?

“I get very inspired by music, movies and art. It is the colours, the mood, the stage design, the costumes, the music, the time and the actors that inspire me. The whole universe. ”

Your favourites

Film: Lars von Trier and Breaking the waves, Nicolas Winding Refn's Drive and Meryl Strep in Kramer vs Kramer.

Music: London Grammar, Michelle Gurevich's Party Girl and Kate Bush.

Art: Hilma af Klint, Mary Cassatt, Finnish photographer Nelli Palomäki, Gabriele Munter

Fashion: A fashion designer who has inspired me a lot is French Anne, Valerie Hash. Especially her book "Moments in time" where she portrays her muse.

I do not buy things to match, so new stuff has to find its own way to fit into the home.
— Vicky

At the opposite end of the room is a cosy corner with books and an old armchair covered with a hand-embroidered carpet from India acquired in the Fragonard shop in the south of France. Then a Missoni Home pillow from Vicky's own store Leah Maria. Stacks of books create an atmosphere of coincidence, and at the same time the stacks also serve as a shelf for a small oil painting of a girl of an unknown Swedish art it has been purchased at the auction house, a fly sponge in ceramics from Astier de Viletta, smoking plate from Can Family art and a bronze figure that is a family heirloom.Cat for incense from Astier de Viletta. The lamp is a vintage find with a Kaare Klint screen. A Tree man from Fie Norsker, incense stick for cat from Astier de Viletta and bowl from flower man Stephen Clante.

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In the middle of the living room is a beautiful light blue cello console table from IKON COPENHAGEN and above the room's colour explosion a large painting by Fie Norsker. On the console is a pencil's drawing by Fie Norsker and a portrait of the daughter Leah Maria, taken by photographer Morten Pors. Green ceramic figure "Venus Kalipygos" by Kai Nielsen bought at A white hand from Astier de Villatte bought in Paris. A smoking vase that Vicky has received as a birthday gift from Can Family art in Tullinsgade. A pink Murano lamp from a recycling store in Holbæk. The aquamarine and pink letter holder in glass have been provided using Insta-profile @brixbrocante.



On the first floor, there are three lovely rooms, a large distribution hall that is used as a dressing room, and a bathroom. The children each have their own room, and Vicky has the master bedroom with a balcony facing the garden.

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The walls are covered with wallpaper designed by the English design icon William Morris (1834-1896), and partitions and doors are painted in colour from Farrow & Ball to match. The William Morris wallpaper is in a great thread with Vicky's attitude to interior design - everything may be made by hand and just like in the Arts & Craft movement, it is the craftsmanship and aesthetics that are in focus. The closet is a find from Pjot Antik. Porcelain lamp found on Instagram. Missoni coat is available from Leah Maria. Suitcase from Louis Vuitton - is used extensively. The ceiling light is a vintage find from the web.



The bedroom is painted in a delicate green colour from Farrow & Ball. Heavy grey velour curtains close the light out. Vicky has fallen in love with the lavender coloured bed linen from the company TEKLA ( Leah Maria). Two best light lamps from Gubi hang as bedside lamps. The grey and pink pillow are from AIAYU (Leah Maria). The embroidery pad is purchased in Berlin. The bedside table is from the local antique dealer. Ceramic figure from Fie Norsker - "Pumpkin man" - a gift from the artist to Vicky's son.


Painting by Vicky's good friend Frederik Næblerød. Black dresser purchase at The Velour curtains have Vicky sewn with fabric from the interior store Christine Callesen. The two cabinets in the room have Vicky painted herself in shades that are aligned with the other palette in the room. The grey cabinet is from Fruerne Bech & Bo and the light blue closet is from her childhood home.



The idea about the bathroom was that it had to be classic but still Vicky wanted it to be a little bit different. To create a connection with the rest of the interior, Vicky chose the shaky black/white marble floor to make a reference to the kitchen floor. The choice of wall tile fell on a blue /grey tile, and the walls were painted in a delicate pink shade.

It was simply not worth anything at all, so it had to be replaced, which fortunately meant that one of my interior dreams - to get a classic and feminine bathroom - has been fulfilled.
— Vicky says smiling

Tiles, amateur and sanitation are purchased from Aquadomo in Hellerup. The robe from TEKLA (Leah Maria). Perfume from Annick Goutal. The Art Deco-inspired dome lamp is found on Instagram.



The kitchen is from the previous owner's renovation, and Vicky instantly fell for both the elegant blue colour and the shaky floor of the white-brown ultramarine coloured linoleum. "There are good storage options in the kitchen; everything works perfectly, so there is no need to change it. The only thing I've changed here is the lamps and saw a new fresh white paint on the walls. " Tells Vicky. In the kitchen, there is also a small bay window where the family often sits and enjoys their meals.


Over the table hangs a vintage lamp designed by Poul Henningsen. Green vase by Cathrine Raben David. Salt and pepper from the favourite brand Astier de Viletta. Ceramic figure one with tealight and toothpick is a gift. Cups from ceramics Jesper Packness.