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“the most sacred of all islands” (Callimachus, 3rd century BC)

Are you travelling around the Cyclades and suddenly need to get some cultural input? A short boat trip from Mykonos gives you the opportunity to explore what the ancient Greeks called the birthplace of the immortals.

Delos is an exceptional archaeological site in Greece — a unique and sacred uninhabited island of the ancients.

According to Greek mythology, Apollo was born on this tiny island in the Cyclades archipelago.  Apollo's sanctuary attracted pilgrims from all over Greece and Delos was a prosperous trading port. The island bears traces of the succeeding civilisations in the Aegean world, from the 3rd millennium B.C. to the palaeochristian era. The archaeological site is exceptionally extensive and rich and conveys the image of a great cosmopolitan Mediterranean harbour.

At the museum, you will discover the beauty of a time-lapse where sun, light, and sea define the scene and make a beautiful backdrop for the ancient sculptures.

Delos is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

The island is just 5 kilometres long and 1,300 meters wide - but was once the biggest trading city in the world.