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The beautiful designer herself, Laurence Leenaert, captured working in the studio.



LRNCE, the studio of the 28-year-old Belgian designer Laurence Leenaert, is located in the industrial area Sidi Ghanem just fifteen minutes outside the centre of Marrakesh. Easy to reach by taxi and worth a visit if you are a lover of design and ceramics. For a long time, we had trouble pronouncing the name LRNCE until a clever lady told us - we just had to put the vocals into the word - Laurence - the name of the designer - of course. The studio is both a showroom and a workspace, where you will find friendly assistance and Leenaert herself working on new ideas and designs when you visit.

The bright and sunny studio welcomes you with an impressive collection of the design of the young designer. Ceramics, textiles, mirrors and, our favourites, the big painting made out of local textiles. You can't miss her style that sends your mind back to Picasso and to the souk with the local craftsmen and their traditional handmade craft. Leenaert takes these two inspirations and makes her own modern and vibrant version of the design which fits perfectly into western interior.

The story is that Leenaert founded the company in 2013 after studying at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Ghent. She moved to Morocco together with her boyfriend and set up the production relying on local craftsmanship She aspired to produce artistic and carefully handmade products.


LRNCE is an rising star and they design is now show in magazines all over the world.


The showroom is a living studio - where prototypes are produced and the finished products are beautifully exhibited.


The ceramics are made out of terracotta clay from the coastal town A.Safi, the capital of Moroccan pottery. From there, it is transported to Marrakech where local artisans make the ceramics pieces after Leenaerts design and drawings. All the ceramics are handmade and handpainted.



LRNCE was founded in 2013 by Belgian sun chaser Laurence Leenaert, who revises materials’ purpose and spontaneously combines elements to create uniquely designed pieces.

By sourcing its production in North Africa, LRNCE captures the essence of craftsmanship and stays close to the creating process of its carefully handmade products.





455 € LRCNE

Cups set of two - LRNCE

30 € LRCNE


230 € LRCNE

Bowls - set og four

85 € LRNCE