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Everything is possible.
— Wahl & Ross

This is the motto of the design and consulting company Wahl & Ross, located close to the channel in Christianshavn, Copenhagen. The studio is a very creative place where Maria and Drew draw on all available references to seek out new solutions in industrial design.

The company was founded in 2010 by Drew Rosskelly, and the name Wahl & Ross comes from the combination of their names Maria Wahlberg & Drew Rosskelly.

The core of the company is design and consulting. Drew and Maria work with both large international companies and small upcoming designers.

"We work a lot with people who look to us for inspiration for their startup business, e.g. the production of an idea or further development of an existing product. And it can be anything from a young designer with a simple design idea, or a brand that needs help creating new technology for an espresso machine. Challenges nourish us, and we believe that much can be gained through working with others. Engaging and delegating is part of our DNA." Says Drew. "We do not think we know everything – quite the contrary - so we love new input and believe that the best possible results are achieved through collaborations between the best in each their field. That's why we always work across subjects, industries and technologies, in order to best serve our client’s interests. Another great payoff is that it never gets boring."


The studio consists of two sections, separated by a glass partition. Office and workshop; the workshop is an inventor’s room, where models are made by hand.

The physical workshop with everything from a 3d printer to darts and screwdrivers.


In addition to consulting, Wahl & Ross also work with their own brands, including a collaboration with Noma, where the idea has been to develop tableware specifically for some of Noma's signature dishes.

They are specialists in food innovation; we are specialists in product development. The result is a powerful meeting between beautiful products, and innovation, says Drew; “One example is the Berry Spoon & Bowl;  it may look like just a wooden bowl and a spoon, but the curve of the spoon is made to fit the bowl perfectly.
— Drew

Drew has also developed a limited issue of the Tokyo Shelving for Noma's pop-up restaurant in Tokyo - a simple bookcase made from wood and rope. It can be quickly set up and taken down again.

For more designs by Wahl & Ross, check out their website: