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The workspace of Röd Studio is an inspiring universe with a cosy atmosphere where "hygge" and creativity go hand -in -hand.

Appeal Magazine says hello to Röd Studio on a cold February day in their studio, well hidden away in an old industrial area, in Copenhagen. The duo behind Röd Studio is Anne Louise Rasmussen and Maja Marie Halling. They met while studying textile design at the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts in Copenhagen. They both had a great interest in tufting, which started their collaboration.

Both of the young women are a little bit uncomfortable with the situation because we have told them that we want to make a short film with an interview. But, as soon as we moved into their magical universe, decorated with a mix of personal items, cardboard templates, yarn rolls, swatches - well, all of the tools and materials needed to become inspired to design beautiful carpets and tapestries, we all relaxed and had a talk and a cup of coffee.

Our studio is much more than a place where we go to work
— Röd Studio

Often, the work process starts with a model sketched out on paper with colour markers or cut out in cardboard to achieve more depth in the model.

Colours are paramount to their work. Röd studio likes to challenge themselves and the Scandinavian minimalism through their choices of colour and material. From the very beginning, it's been a conscious choice to incorporate colourful and textural contrasts in the carpets to create an exciting and fun expression.

The studio is a place where we can submit to the creative process. It is a safe space, which at the same time requires commitment. Also, our workspace needs to be big - producing carpets is a noisy and messy affair.


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The technique they use at Röd Studio to make the carpets is tufting. They use a gun, which pulls the yarn through a piece of canvas and creates a noose, as you would if you did it by hand. They use wool, goat, and horse hair, and many other materials in the carpets to create contrasting textures.

"In a way, we are soul sisters and opposites, which is a good balance for our team. Throughout our collaboration, we've learned to use our differences as strength, and it's what makes our designs interesting. We're always both involved when making a final decision on a carpet, and it's a nice and satisfying feeling when both of our personalities are reflected in our carpets."


Everywhere in the studio, you see small unique collections, and the designers can't help but create small compositions. Often, the materials decide what's being put together.

There's always a spot for all of their finds in their studio; the mask was pulled out from a container, and the sofas are from FormelA. The striped glass vase is from Studio X.

The studio is a place where we can submit to the creative process.

We love the way they created a colourful kitchen in the corner of the workspace. Here, you can make a cup of tea or coffee when friends stop by. The photo art is their own work from an inspirational trip to Berlin.

Go check out more of Röd Studio’s work here





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